Catalyst ERP Case Study

Catalyst ERP
Catalyst ERP highly commends the service and product offered by Trueleads. They found it to be a cost-effective alternative to expanding their BDR team, allowing them to cast a wider net and connect with essential contacts. The insights gained from other partners and companies through Trueleads were invaluable in shaping their messaging strategy.

Background of Catalyst ERP

Catalyst ERP is a NetSuite partner and certified consultant in the UK. As a premier consulting firm specializing in NetSuite solutions, Catalyst ERP has been empowering businesses with cloud-based software for over a decade. Their team of certified consultants offers expert implementation, integration, and training in various business processes, including financial and warehouse management.

Onboarding Experience

The onboarding process with Trueleads was described as seamless and highly efficient. Roddy, a
representative from Trueleads, played a pivotal role in ensuring the platform was user-friendly and
the entire process well-structured.

Challenges Faced

Catalyst ERP’s primary challenge was extending their reach despite having a small sales team. They
aimed to connect with a broader audience while maintaining a focused approach on their specific

Trueleads’ Solution

Trueleads provided a solution akin to having a new Business Development Representative (BDR).
Their platform enabled reaching out to hundreds of potential clients monthly, initiating meaningful
conversations and follow-ups without the need for direct human interaction.

Implementation Process

Roddy from Trueleads worked closely with Catalyst ERP to understand their business and target
market. She assisted significantly in refining their messaging and strategy to engage effectively with
the right audience.

Key Outcomes and Results

The partnership led to a 33% increase in connection rates. In six months, this collaboration created
seven new business opportunities, marking a significant achievement for Catalyst ERP.

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