Eurofins Case Study

The value added by Trueleads in terms of market penetration and lead generation was evident, and Eurofins appreciated the bespoke approach that was tailored specifically to their needs.

Background of Eurofins

Founded in 1987 by Gilles Martin, Eurofins started with pioneering testing technology SNIF-NMR® and has grown into a global leader in bio-analytical testing, operating in 61 countries with over 61,000 employees. The company’s expertise spans various sectors, including food, environmental, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic product testing, along with discovery pharmacology, forensics, material sciences, and agroscience contract research services.

Onboarding Experience with Trueleads

The onboarding experience of Eurofins with Trueleads was characterized by a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Trueleads took the time to understand Eurofins’ unique business model and specific needs in the market. This meticulous approach facilitated a seamless integration of Trueleads’ services into Eurofins’ existing sales and marketing strategies, setting the stage for a productive partnership.

Initial Objectives and Challenges

Eurofins faced the challenge of penetrating a highly competitive market with the aim of generating high-quality leads that aligned perfectly with their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The primary objective was to create a robust pipeline of potential clients who would not only be interested in their services but would also benefit significantly from their specialized offerings. This task was particularly daunting given the diverse and intricate nature of Eurofins’ services.

Trueleads’ Solution

In response to Eurofins’ needs, Trueleads crafted a bespoke solution encompassing full managed services. This strategy was not a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, it was a
tailored solution designed to target specific market segments and customer profiles that were most likely to engage with Eurofins. Trueleads leveraged their expertise in market analysis and lead generation to create a campaign that would resonate with the target audience, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.

Implementation Process

The implementation of Trueleads’ strategy involved a collaborative effort with Eurofins’ in-house teams. Despite the absence of CRM integration, the process was smooth, owing to the clear communication and coordinated efforts between both parties. Trueleads’ team worked hand-in-hand with Eurofins’ sales and marketing professionals, ensuring that every step of the campaign was aligned with the company’s broader objectives and brand values.

Outcomes of the Collaboration

The collaboration between Eurofins and Trueleads yielded substantial results, marked by a notable increase in the quantity and quality of leads generated. These leads were not just random contacts; they were well-researched and carefully

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