Redseal Case Study

“Without Trueleads’ involvement, building an internal team would have been challenging due to budget constraints. Trueleads was instrumental in RedSeal’s successful expansion in the EMEA market.”
Richard Adams, EMEA Head of Region at RedSeal

Background of RedSeal

RedSeal is a prominent cybersecurity company based in the U.S., catering to over 220 global corporations and numerous government agencies. Their diverse clientele spans industries including healthcare, finance, utilities, technology, and retail, and they have a significant presence in various U.S. federal agencies. RedSeal’s global reach includes North America, Europe, and Asia.

Initial Challenges in the EMEA Market

  1. Lack of face-to-face events due to COVID-19
  2. A limited Sales Development Representative (SDR)/Sales function
  3. A small sales team in the EMEA region
  4. Challenges in accessing new channel partners
  5. Low brand recognition in the EMEA market

RedSeal aimed to increase brand promotion and generate leads in the EMEA region and to identify and engage with key channel partners for business growth.

The Trueleads’ Solution

RedSeal partnered with Trueleads, a company they connected with via LinkedIn, to overcome these challenges. Trueleads’ role was to act as an extension of RedSeal’s team, focusing on lead generation and brand promotion in the EMEA market.

Implementation Process

Trueleads’ strategy involved securing introductions with key decision-makers in the EMEA regions. This approach was critical in compensating for the absence of in-person events, expanding RedSeal’s network, and enhancing its market presence.

Outcomes and Benefits

The collaboration led to:

  • Enhanced brand visibility in the EMEA market.
  • Successful engagements with new channel partners.
  • A growing pipeline with new business opportunities.
  • Meetings with key decision-makers, previously unattainable independently.

Feedback from RedSeal

Richard Adams, EMEA Head of Region at RedSeal, emphasized the importance of Trueleads’ involvement. Without them, building an internal team for these purposes would have been challenging due to budget constraints. Trueleads was instrumental in RedSeal’s successful expansion in the EMEA market.

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