COVID has had a major impact on the way customers consume information and the way you should be marketing. Here’s how to adjust your lead generation.

There are few areas of sales and marketing that have been left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. The shattering of entire industries and an unprecedented shift toward remote work has completely changed the way that sales are approached.

One of the most significant changes has occurred within the realm of lead generation. In the world of B2B, you can no longer rely on the same old strategies to generate reliable leads.

You must be able to adapt to new business realities in order to achieve sustainable B2B lead generation. With that in mind, here are the key ways that COVID has changed lead generation and how you can adapt.

1. The Process of Lead Generation May Take Longer

If you already have a basic understanding of what lead generation is, then you probably know the behind-the-scenes processes that make it happen. Prospects will typically speak to decision-makers in their office, or simply bring up your offer over lunch or coffee.

Those essential moments of human contact are gone, meaning that lead generation has become more formal and may take longer. That’s why being able to stand out to your prospects is more important than ever.

2. Lead Generation is Entirely Digital

B2B lead generation was already powered by lead generation software before the pandemic. However, the current situation has put this process into overdrive. Every single aspect of your lead generation journey will now be conducted online.

That’s why it is important to invest in high-quality digital lead generation services today. You can’t afford to be left behind.

3. Sales Conversations Have Changed

When scouting out prospects and attempting to generate meaningful leads, it is important to remember that the same old pitch won’t work. The conversation has changed.

Approaching prospects without considering how COVID has impacted their business and day-to-day life is tone-deaf at best, and bad business practice at worst. Without being too full-on, you should be incorporating this unprecedented global situation into your approach with all of your prospects.

4. Priorities Have Changed

In the lead generation business, priorities have also changed. Remember, there might be certain target clients or services that you offer that are no longer as relevant as they once were.

It is important to fine-tune your pitch to ensure that you are meeting the end user’s needs in the world that we now find ourselves living in. Your typical lead funnel has changed, and your approach to lead generation should reflect that.

5. The Human Touch is More Important Than Ever

Finally, it is important to remember that, although we are more distant than before, the human touch has not lost its importance. If anything, prospective clients are more likely to value an approach that exudes warmth, sympathy, and relatability in these isolating times.

Never forget to incorporate a values-driven approach into your lead generation. Prospects will remember anyone who can bring a genuine human touch in these trying times.

Level Up Your Lead Generation Today

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